In order to be able to upload films to Press Play Poker you have got to create a user account. When you confirm your membership by klicking the link provided in the e-mail we send you, you also accept the terms of use for Press Play Poker.

The membership allows you to upload video clips on the site. Press Play Poker do not preview the clips you upload and can not be made responsible for uploaded material. What ever material you chose to upload shall contain poker related footage and abide by the following rules.

Uploaded material can not:

• Threaten or slander other people or violate other peoples privacy
• Invite to or be subject to criminal actions
• Show violence, pornografy or hate speetch
• Be created to spread computer viruses, damageble code or spam
• Contain incuiries about or distribution of pirated or stolen goods, offering of sexual services, illegal gambling or such
• Violate rules of confidentiality, or
• Violate copywrite laws

Material made public on Press Play Poker shall also abide to common sense and can not be offensive, threatening, violent or obscene.
The services of Press Play Poker are free of charge and, althoug PPP strive to keep the site free from techichal errors, viruses and spam, we can not give any guaranties that that will be the case. Some functions can occasionally be shut down for maintenance and/or for some other reason not be functioning, without any posibility of being compensated. There for PPP can never leave any guaranties regarding the sites functionality, reachability, useability or safety.

Press Play Poker do not accept responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, casued by the site with the exeption of damages caused by PPP by intentional and gross negligence.

Press Play Poker has the right to, at any point, discontinue any user account if the rules of the terms of use are not followed.

With the creation of your account, and the approval of the terms of use, you agree that PPP will treat your personal data according to the swedish “personuppgiftslagen” (1998:204).

Press Play Poker are entitled to change the terms of use at any time. When so happens a message regarding the changes and the new version will be presented on PPP. You will be considered to have accepted the changes in case you continue to use the Press Play Poker services after the moment the terms of use has been changed and announced according to the terms above.